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empower your business

Conversational AI-Powered Digital Assistant.

Built with IBM technology for Wealth Management, Banks and Financial Institutions.

empower your business

Conversational AI-Powered Digital Assistant.

Built with IBM technology for Wealth Management, Banks and Financial Institutions.

Digitally automate your customer engagement
24/7 with a human like conversational experience.

Global leaders in AI

Alda ai is powered by the global leader in AI for Business, IBM.

Enterprise ready

Built for enterprise. Alda Ai is an enterprise-grade digital assistant.

Plug and play

Alda ai can connect and work with platforms you already use.

Security & privacy

ISO 27001, 27017 certified; and GDPR and HIPAA compliant.

Why Choose Us

Experts at driving more customer engagement through automated digital experiences.

"65% of People across all generations prefer to message than call or email"
- Business Insight, Facebook 2020.

Global Leaders In AI Technology

Alda is powered by IBM - The world leader in conversational AI technology. Alda provides customers with engaging digital experiences to add value right from the first conversation.

Built for Financial Firms & Services

Alda is built for wealth management and financial services and quickly responds to wealth management questions by providing answers and insight to help enhance customer engagement.

Machine Learning AI Technology

Alda uses machine learning to understand the meaning behind your customers' requests. Using natural language understanding (NLU), IBM’s best in class AI powers Aldas' underlying language.

Connect to any channel

Bring Alda to your customers – wherever they are. We connect to the channels your customers use website, phone, or kiosk. Our out-of-the box integrations can help to speed up your deployment.

AI-Powered Search

Use AI-powered search to pull answers from your existing content (e.g. knowledge base articles, marketing pages, or internal documents) to solve your customers’ questions. Alda's AI enterprise search can surface answers and insights from your data.

Handoff to a Human

Hand-off to an agent. Alda can transition the conversation to a human agent without leaving the chat experience. Connect with digital and voice customer care systems like Salesforce, Intercom and more or connect to other API applications as needed.

Deploy on any cloud or on-premises

Alda can be deployed in a variety of ways to satisfy a broad set of security and compliance requirements. Alda can be deployed in your private cloud or on-premises.

About us

Leaders of AI innovation.

Alda AI is a conversational, AI-powered digital assistant developed and innovated by INATIGO. INATIGO is an Innovation Studio and Venture Builder. Leaders at providing and developing innovative AI products and solutions.
Specialising in combining the power of technology with new ways to engage with consumers. The team behind INATIGO is made up of financial, business, education, sustainability experts, data scientists, and engineers.

Why Choose Us

Ease of deployment,
domain expertise and reduce time-to-market.

Building a meaningful chat experience takes months. Alda is pre-built for financial services so your digital assistant can be deployed quickly. Get your assistant answering your customers' important questions in no time at all.

the benefits

your business.

Disrupt your industry, don't be disrupted. We can help you digitally transform and improve your customer service experience, ROI and drive more efficiency to your firm. Build more awareness of your firm's services by creating new profound digital experiences with a human touch.

the solutions

Build relationships in real-time and respond to your customers at scale.

Welcome customers with an AI assistant that can have human-like conversations with them. Let our assistants give visitors information on your products, services, FAQs to carefully tailored information campaigns and messages. Let our assistants help embed your firm’s customer experience 24/7, 365 days a year.

Powerful Integrations

case study

Building and innovating the
future of Wealth Management.

City Wharf Private Wealth set out to build a modern and digitally-led wealth management firm. Bringing much-needed innovation to the traditional wealth management industry. The UK-based wealth management firm knew that the key to doing so would be by giving a 24/7 client-focused experience. They wanted to find an efficient way to engage with as many people as possible, whilst providing a high-quality customer experience.

By leveraging Alda Ai, our conversational AI assistant. City Wharf Private Wealth created the UK’s first Wealth Management firm powered with an AI digital assistant. Bringing efficiencies and high-quality customer service 24/7 with less resources compared to a traditional wealth management firm. 

By using Alda Ai, City Wharf Private Wealth has been able to:

  • Provide a 24/7, 365 days a year digital customer experience.
  • Generate ROI through engaging with more new clients.
  • Add an instant advantage to their firm within the finance industry.
  • Completely remove ‘Live-Chat’ and ‘Call-Centre’ costs.
  • Future-proof their business with how they engage with their present and future clients.
  • Boost efficiency and improve workflows within their firm.
  • Reduce the time to deploy their enterprise-ready digital assistant.
  • Create ROI opportunities through new client engagement.
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